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How Nopalea Works to Fight Against it.

 At the beginning of the last century, the major health problems facing the population were concerned with warding off potentially lethal infections. Nowadays, thanks to a combination of good hygiene and medical advances, the threat of infection is far less prevalent. It has been replaced, however, by a new enemy. Inflammation is a huge threat to modern society, bringing with it illness and disability, even death.

The human immune system has a secret weapon to take on bacteria that enter the body. It douses them with acid-like enzymes that create enough heat to kill off the bacteria with the help of a cell named a macrophage. The toxins with which we are surrounded today can sometimes have the effect of focussing on our healthy cells and poisoning them.

Usually when we ingest toxins, be it through food or drink or through the skin, our body’s system of detoxification fights to remove the poison before it does harm. These days, some of the toxins that abound are too strong for our detox system and they enter healthy cells. This is where the immune system comes in to combat this threat and use its enzymes to destroy the formerly healthy cells that have become hostile.

This situation causes some confusion and the immune system can end up overstretched and unable to distinguish between healthy and sick cells, so it attacks them both. This causes autoimmune diseases, leaving the body unable to recover and in a state of chronic inflammation. There are more than 200 autoimmune diseases, all posing the threat of inflammation.

Your lifestyle choices, along with certain environmental and genetic factors, will determine how healthy your body is and how well equipped to fight off this threat. Once a toxin has derailed the body’s regular detoxification process, it will usually settle in the weakest part of the system, be that in the pancreas, causing diabetes, in connective tissue as with lupus, or in the joints in the case of rheumatoid arthritis.

It is essential to reduce our exposure to toxins in order to effectively fight inflammation and decrease the chances of developing autoimmune disease. Our bodies need to have the best nutrients to ward off the threat of toxins invading the system.

Betalains are protein-antioxidant complexes that are found in nature and are particularly present in the fruit of the Nopal cactus that grows in the desert climate. Betalains are present in large quantities in the TriVita Nopalea wellness drink. They can be very effective in putting out the fires of inflammation.

Medical experts recommend taking multi vitamin and mineral supplements daily to help keep the autoimmune system on track. We should be careful to eat foods that are rich in Omega-3 fats that make our immune systems work better rather than harder. Vitamin B-12 is effective in warding off stress and depression. Anti-oxidants such as betalains have excellent anti-inflammatory properties, so with a good diet and well-chosen dietary supplements, we can help our bodies to heal better and be better equipped to fight inflammation.