Sonoran Business Opportunity Overview

Sharing Sonoran Bloom – An Excellent Opportunity

TriVita was founded by Michael R. Ellison in 1999 and since then, the company has become a leader in the development and marketing of nutritional products of a very high quality. The company is family owned and prides itself on its 10 core foundational values.

If you decide to become an Affiliate Member you will have the opportunity to bring wellness and energy to those around you, while bringing some extra wealth into your own life. Bring new meaning to your life by sharing in the success of Sonoran Bloom.

Why Become an Affiliate Member?

  • To Build Your Wealth - You may be a new member of the team who needs to inject some cash flow or you may be a old hand at direct sales and looking for new opportunities to expand your established business. In either case our unique model of compensation will help you to build your wealth.

  • A Trusted Business – You know you can trust the people at the head of TriVita. Together, the management team represent more than 150 years of professional experience and they take their leadership role very seriously. This is a company you can be proud to represent.

  • Reach a Wide Customer Base – Our programs of Cooperative Marketing will provide you with all the tools necessary to advertise and promote our products. You will be given brochures and DVDs in order to engagingly bring our products to more people.

  • A Company with Wellness at Heart – TriVita is a company that cares about its products and cares about health. Our mission is to inspire people to fulfill their purpose in life with the wealth and wellness that comes from promoting our products.

  • Products You can Believe in – The products that are developed by TriVita are designed to improve the quality of life of those who take them. This is reflected in our use of top quality ingredients in all out wellness products. You can try them for yourself and revitalize your own life while bringing the vitality of Sonoran Bloom to others.

An Overview of the TriVita Compensation Package

  1. To jump start your new business we offer generous weekly bonuses with every new client you acquire over the first 90 days.

  2. You will start to earn more as you build your member base because you will receive a commission of 21% on Sonoran Bloom member purchases. On addition to this you receive 4% commission when your members register purchases from their own new members.

  3. Sharing the success is the basis of our successful model. You earn 3% commission on all purchases by your personally signed Affiliate Members and 7% commission when they duplicate your role up to six tiers.

  4. Become a Director and your wealth building opportunities grow accordingly. 4% commission on the members acquired by your Affiliate Members and 2% on all sales through the next 3 tiers of Affiliate Members.

  5. You will have reached the highest point of success when you become a Presidential Director. Not only do you continue to receive your commissions, you also get a 1% bonus on every sale made by your organization, through four tiers of Presidential Directors.

TriVita is a company that cares about people, not just products. The company gives back to the community by offering time and money to charitable organizations like the House of Giving. We inspire our members to make not just money, but to a really positive change in their lives.