Inflammation Is The Secret Killer

The Dangers of Autoimmune Disease and Inflammation

A hundred years ago, infections were the primary source of danger to people’s health. These days, with good hygiene practices and medical progress, death as a result of infection is quite uncommon. There is, however, a new enemy to health: inflammation is the cause of up to 25% of diseases that result in death or disability.

Fanning the Fires of Inflammation

In layman’s terms, the immune system in our body generates heat in order to kill off invaders like bacteria that enter the body. The immune system sprays the invading bacteria with inflammatory enzymes and the combustion destroys the invader.

However, due to the amount of toxic exposure that our bodies face these days, the immune system can sometimes turn against our very own cells. If we inhale or consume toxins, or absorb them through our skin, we can usually eliminate them with our internal detoxification system.

Unfortunately, many of the toxins that we encounter today are stronger than our system of detoxification and they end up entering healthy cells in our body. Our immune system recognizes the toxins as invading forces and turns up the heat in order to kill them off.

The immune system eventually becomes confused as to what cells are sick and what cells are healthy and treats all cells of a certain type as hostile, leaving them exposed to illness, inflammation and infection. How you react to this will depend on how robust your body is in general, due to the lifestyle you lead and, to a lesser extent, your environment and genetic make up.

The toxins will go for your weak spot, and in turn the immune system will attack the area in an attempt to save the healthy cells, causing acute inflammation. For example, if the immune system attacks the joints, then it causes rheumatoid arthritis, if is attacks connecting tissue, it causes lupus. In all, there are more than 200 possible autoimmune diseases, with one common symptom – inflammation.

Putting out the Fire of Inflammation

Reducing our exposure to toxins is essential in beating inflammation and reducing the chances of an autoimmune disease. Nutrition and stress relief are equally important.

Nopalea contains a natural inflammatory in the form of Betalains. These protein complexes are proven antioxidants and are only found in a small number of plants that grow in hot climates, including the Nopal cactus fruit. Antioxidants are essential in dousing the flames of inflammation and autoimmune flares.

Taking vitamin supplements and changing your diet to include high counts of Omega-3 fatty acids will also encourage your immune system to work better to control toxins and reduce inflammation. Vitamin B-12 is an important weapon in the war against stress and depression.

Autoimmune diseases are on the increase and may soon reach epidemic proportions. Taking a strategic combination of nutrients and taking care of our bodies will help to protect us from the ravages of inflammation on modern society.