Sonoran Bloom Nopalea Harvest

Harvest time in the Sonoran Desert

When summer comes to the Sonoran, the Nopal cactus bursts into bloom and brings color to the desert landscape. This is when the Sonoran harvest can begin, a tradition dating back centuries.

Sustainable Harvesting Techniques

Nopalea has learned the secret of low-impact, sustainable harvesting from our ancestors in the Sonaran Desert. Respecting the plants, the environment, and only taking what is necessary from the Nopal cactus are the key elements.

The remaining fruit is left on the cactus and will feed the animals of the desert while also ensuring that there will be a rich crop in the coming years. This harvesting technique is respectful of the environment and gives back to the desert in return for this amazing plant.

Sustainable Wellness

No time is wasted in transporting the traditionally harvested Nopal fruits to our thoroughly modern processing plant where state-of-the-art techniques are used to juice the fruit and blend the resulting puree with a number of other, natural ingredients. This is where the unique, tasty, concentrated Nopalea wellness drink is created.

We use modern sterilization techniques to bottle the drink and ensure that the purity of the fruit is maintained. This also guarantees that you will receive the full benefits of the potent power of the betalains, a natural antioxidant, contained in every bottle.