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The TriVita Company and Affiliate Members

TriVita was founded in 1999 and since then it has become a trusted brand in the niche of wellness, selling products that cannot be sourced elsewhere. It has also built up a solid community of Affiliate Members, all working to bring the benefits of TriVita products to a wider audience while building up a profitable business at the same time.

Our unique business model has meant that numbers of TriVita Affiliate Members are reaping the rewards of running a steady and profitable business despite today’s economic challenges.

Bryan began working with TriVita on a part time basis back in 2001. Thanks to the success of some infomercials on TV TriVita had sold more than 250 million dollars of its flagship product to customers. The company made this list available to people seeking the opportunity to work from home via the company’s Cooperative Marketing Model. The result of this venture for Bryan today is a 6 figure annual income that has allowed him to retire from his regular job at just 44 years of age.

Bryan’s team is one of the fastest growing teams in TriVita. His founding principles are about enjoying challenges, taking responsibility, developing a new generation of leaders and moving quickly. Bryan himself now specializes in the marketing side of his business and holds seminars to teach other team members how to emulate his success at their own level of the business. He has been essential in helping hundreds of people realize their potential and make huge additional income through their TriVita business.

The program is a simple one, and this is what has made thousands of people join us as Independent Affiliate Members. You don’t have to be a top salesman or have previous experience to join. Our products speak for themselves and their proven efficiency is their greatest selling strength.

When a product really works, then word of mouth will be its biggest marketing tool. You can start making extra income simply by recommending our products to your friends, colleagues and wider family at first. That’s how easy it is to start.

The flexibility of our model is another of its advantages. If you are busy with other projects and only have a few hours a week to devote to selling our products, you can still achieve positive results and reap the financial benefits. We have a three step success system to help you bring the word about TriVita products to others.

From there, you can take your membership to the next level. Join our Co-op Advertising program and harness the power of the media, new and old, like TV, radio, internet and print publications. Our program has proven success and has enabled thousands of Affiliate Members to reach out to a wider audience nationwide and beyond.